Watch the replay of the Night Confessions event, a discussion in French imagined by Club Sexu in conjunction with Sex, Desire and Data.

An independent media outlet and a non-profit creative studio, Club Sexu specializes in positive, inclusive and empowering knowledge around sexuality.

Dating apps, which recently have celebrated their first decade of existence, have become a select space for looking for potential partners and exploring preferences. Online dating has revolutionized the search for love and sexual and romantic connections. But is it all glitter and rainbows?

On the one hand, dating applications multiply our options by enabling us to explore beyond our social circles, develop feelings of belonging to specific communities, and increase feelings of empowerment when it comes to dating. On the other hand, dating applications can unfortunately open the gate to a flood of online violence, ghosting, fetishization, or even to the exacerbation of the anxiety that comes with option overload (too many options can feel like not enough!).

The Night Confessions event aimed to be a safer space for exploring and discussing the wonders and miseries of dating apps. To do so, journalist and columnist Laïma A. Gérald (Club Sexu, URBANIA, ELLE Québec) engaged with three guests with various expertise in order to better understand the issues generated by these algorithm-based virtual worlds.

Laïma A. Gérald

Christopher Dietzel, Annabel McLaughlin et Erika Suarez