On how to behave respectfully on the Sex, Desire and Data platforms.

The Sex, Desire and Data spaces are open to anyone aged 16 or over, regardless of their sexual or gender identity, religious beliefs, ethnocultural origin or membership of a minority group.

This netiquette is useful for both users and community management. It ensures that conversations are conducted in a civil and respectful manner.

The Sex, Desire & Data's social media accounts intend to reach audiences where they are at this moment. Meaning, we encourage conversations and the sharing of stories marked by authenticity, transparency, respect, integrity, truthfulness, openness, inclusion and caring.

Community management

With few exceptions, our team responds to messages and comments on our various communication platforms Monday through Sunday, 9 AM to 5 PM (please allow additional response time on weekends). Don't worry, if you don't get a response on weekends or out of office hours, we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Platforms and rules

Find us on our social media networks (Facebook, Instagram and TikTok).

Users who wish to participate in the conversation on the Sex, Desire and Data social networks must respect the following rules:

  • Zero form of discrimination will be tolerated;

  • No offensive language should be used;

  • The content or comments posted must not harm any person, group or organization, or their reputation;

  • It is forbidden to publish content that is likely to offend or expose to hatred or contempt a person or a group of persons on the basis of their sexual or gender identity, religious beliefs, ethno-cultural origin or membership of a minority group;

  • It is necessary to show respect between users, but also towards the Sex, Desire and Data team and towards the people quoted in the comments, publications or testimonials;

  • All content must respect privacy by not including personal information (such as a phone number or email address) or private conversations.

The Sex, Desire and Data team reserves the right to delete any post or comment if it contains any of the following:

  • Hate speech;

  • Threat or harassment;

  • Personal attack, insult or defamatory content;

  • Description of criminal acts or incitement to commit a criminal act;

  • Comments on acts involving a minor;

  • Illegal material (for example, in violation of a court order);

  • Attempt to mobilize the population for a cause other than an event related to the Sex, Desires and Data exhibition;

  • Content or argument that conveys beliefs that are not based on a rigorous and nuanced scientific approach (fake news);

  • Commercial promotions and press releases are not accepted.

Anyone violating this netiquette will have their posts deleted and their account blocked. The Sex, Desire & Data team reserves the right at any time not to open the comments section for a given topic, to close said comments section without notice and to refuse to post any content deemed inappropriate (as stated above).

Please note that the opinions expressed in the comments of these social media accounts belong to their respective authors. The opinions expressed on these pages do not necessarily reflect those of the Sex, Desire and Data team, its management or its staff. Don't agree with an author's point of view? Come chat with us!